Player Code of Conduct

The Club’s primary aim is to provide a facility for young people in the area to have the opportunity to play both competitive and non competitive football. Within this framework we encourage sportsmanship, friendship and try to make football an enjoyable family recreation, in view of this a player should

  • seek improvement in their ability, skill, technique and fitness
  • give total effort and commitment, at all times, for the good of the team
  • set a positive example by avoiding gamesmanship and time-wasting and by playing fairly within the laws of the game and in the best interests of the game
  • never use inappropriate language
  • be aware of the laws, rules and spirit of the game and abide by them accordingly
  • respect the time and effort that your coach/manager puts in to enable you to play
  • accept losing without undue disappointment and not gloat over victory
  • at all times respect players, team officials and supporters, both your own and the opposition regardless of race or creed, ability or disability
  • at all times respect match officials, accept their decisions and avoid words or actions which may mislead them.
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