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England Football Accredited is the new framework for League and Club accreditation and replaces The FA Charter Standard. The FA and County FAs recognise all Leagues and Clubs that raise the bar and set the tempo for football to thrive in England. It enables the FA to work with their League network to offer modern competitions that meet the needs of today’s game, while simultaneously creating maximum opportunities for everyone who enjoys the game to participate regardless of background, ability, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation or age.

As an accredited club, Barton Rovers FC is part of the new England Football framework which has helped to positively change the football landscape over the last 20 years, creating the ideal environment to nurture players, coaches and volunteers. The result is greater diversity and inclusivity throughout football. 

Being England Football Accredited means that Barton Rovers FC stands proudly among the ace of clubs: the Leagues and Clubs that take the lead, set the tempo and raise the roof for football in England.

Accredited Leagues and Clubs exist for the players and create opportunities for everyone to experience and enjoy the game we all love.

We aim to keep things accessible, sustainable and safe, helping us to successfully run football off the pitch so that football is great on the pitch. Day by day, week by week, season after season: the very best footballing experiences for everyone.

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