Parents Code of Conduct

Children as you know, develop differently and at different rates; they react differently to the same pressures. At Barton Rovers Football Club we are attempting to give all the young people who play soccer a good and worthwhile experience and their relationships with all adults, at matches and training, must be positive and sporting.

The Club expects parents/carers and supporters to set an example for young people, regardless of race or creed. You should remember that young people are not playing to satisfy your ambitions young people are involved for their enjoyment – not yours.

Avoid the temptation to coach your child during the game teamwork and effort are as important as winning. You should accept losing without undue disappointment your winning side should not be allowed to gloat over their victory.

You should never ridicule or shout at a young person for making a mistake, or for losing.

Praise them – or keep quiet, you should set an example – applaud good play by both teams. You should recognise the value and importance of the coaches, who give up their time to help young people and support in whatever way you can.

You should help to remove all verbal and physical abuse in soccer.

You should at all times respect players, team officials and supporters, both your own and the opposition regardless of race or creed, ability or disability.

You should always respect the match official never publicly question their decisions and avoid words or actions which may mislead them.

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